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Ride to Fly in PDX

Of the hundreds of unique rides offered this year through Portland’s Pedalpalooza, one that I thought might be particularly helpful to my cause here at Write A Bike was “PDX by Bike‘s” own “Ride to the Airport” event. Essentially what the great folks at PDX


What is a “wheel gutter”?

In my last post I made the mistake of referring to “wheel gutters” as “stair gutters.”  To be quite honest, I had no idea what they were called, but simply knew that they looked like gutters on a stairway, hence, “stair gutters.”  Same difference. My

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In Case You Haven’t Noticed…

I have been taking a bit of a break from blogging.  Part of this has to do with simply being busy (I was back home for the last week for a wedding), and also I have been taking some personal time away from the project


8th Annual “Ride of Silence” – 5/18/2011

The downside to living in such a bike-friendly city is that going anywhere else just seems unfortunately “un-bikey.”  Sure, a few miles of bike lanes can usually be found in most developed towns and cities, but a bike-friendly city seems to carry with it a

From Broadway Bridge, overlooking the Willamette River & Fremont (405fwy) Bridge

A Quick Thought While Passing Over

One of the best parts about living and being a bicyclist in Portland is getting to ride the bridges. Each time I approach one I feel like a kid again. As an adult I understand that there are great pains of mechanics and geometry behind

SE Clinton & 48th

UPDATE: “Bike Avenues: Clinton Street”

A month ago today I posted about my fascination with Portland’s fine idea to create bike-friendly streets (referred to here as “bikeways”), or at least to designate certain roads to bicyclists, thus reducing vehicular traffic and keeping bicyclists safer and happier. Well, in perusing some

James John Elementary Bike Club Certificates

Bike Club!

Over the past few weeks I had the exciting opportunity to partner with Portland’s “Community Cycling Center” (CCC) as a volunteer bike club leader. On Mondays and Wednesdays I would leave the house early (well, earlier than my normal noonish hour), all hunkered down with my

Bike n Hike - Grand & Oak, Portland, OR

Bike n Hike: bicycling for the long-haul

I was fortunate enough to secure a block of time with Kevin Chudy, owner of four greater Portland-area “Bike n Hike” retail stores, last week. Kevin kindly met me an hour before his store on Grand and Oak opened for business, ensuring me the quiet

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Breakfast on the Bridges! (for free!)

  Guess what I just found thanks to this post on Joe Bike’s blog? That’s right, volunteers at SHIFT, Portland’s premier participant-driven, post-critical mass majority, give away pastries and coffee from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. on every Friday of the month (and on every Friday